Omron 3 Series Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Automatic

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Overview of Omron 3 Series Upper Arm BP Monitor

Omron 3 Series BP710 is an affordable monitor produced with the quality of the Omron name. While simple to utilize and lasting, the monitor suffers from accuracy issues. Other monitors offer substantially higher precision for just a little more.

In the event that you searching for an inexpensive monitor to track trends and truth isn't a big concern, this would have been a great alternative. I precision is essential, we wouldn't recommend the 3 series.

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More Detailed Review

The Omron 3-series BP710 blood pressure monitor is just a base level version manufactured by Omron, the number one pharmacist and physician recommended brand. The BP monitor provides the fundamental monitoring features without most of the extras to hold the cost down.

Highlight of Features

The Omron 3 BP710 stores as much as 14 blood pressure readings for tracking and trending your blood pressure readings. With Omron's one touch mode, the BP710 is easy and uncomplicated to use. You merely put the cuff in the appropriate location and press the start button.

The unit automatically inflates the cuff, and reads and shows your blood pressure. The unit also includes and irregular heart beat monitor indicator. The system will work with multiple cuff sizes, and contains a broad range D-Ring 9"-17" arm cuff. Larger sizes can be found separately. The unit runs on 4 AAA batteries that aren't contained.

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What's Included in the Box?

Included within the box are:

  • 1 Omron 3-series BP710 meter
  • 1 9"-17" D-Ring arm cuff
  • Spanish/English instruction manual

Feedback from Existing Customers

Feedback from customer's on the BP710 includes:

"After a few weeks of keeping track of it and going to my doctor with my findings, seems it makes me have a much high blood pressure then at her office. i even brought it in for her to try and it make her pressure higher as well. this product did not work for me and now i am past the 30 return policy and am stuck with a machine that works incorrectly."

"I found this product to be very easy to use right out of the box. The manual is clear and to the point! I would recommend it to anyone who needs to keep an eye on their blood pressure."

"I have used it for a week and the numbers I got are significantly higher than my latest reading in my doctor's office."

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Our Verdict

The Omron 3 Series BP710 is definitely an inexpensive blood pressure monitor, backed by the Omron brand and for that reason only makes it a good monitor for the cash. The problem with the BP710 is that it has a tendency to not be as accurate as other models within the Omron and Ozeri lines. Many users of the BP710 reported blood pressure readings which were higher and less than physician's readings.

The trick we learned to keep the readings from the Omron BP710 as accurate as possible is always to sit totally still as the monitor is reading your blood pressure. Additionally, sitting yourself down before the reading and breathing slowly for just a few minutes also results in more accurate readings.

Proper positioning of the cuff is also crucial for getting an exact reading. We strongly recommend reading and understanding the placement instructions. While cheap, the Omron 5 Series monitor or Panasonic EW3109 are just a little more cash, and far more exact. If cost is your main concern, and you're eager to employ a screen that isn't 100% accurate, but good for trending, than the BP710 might be a terrific alternative for you.

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